Carmody 61, Two Harbors, MNWho doesn’t love fish tacos? Okay I know some people don’t but I ON THE OTHER HAND LOVE THEM.

It was hot, we had just hiked through Jay Cooke State Park, we were thirsty (for beer) and hungry. We drove through Duluth – you come up and over this huge hill that drops you into a mini city in northern Minnesota – One of the prettiest sights in the state if you ask me. I’ll post on this some other time because rn we’re talking tacos.

A ways up from Duluth on 61 is the town Two Harbors, we decided to stop at a bar we noticed on the side of the road. We left the exhausted dogs in the truck with the A/C blasting and pulled up to a picnic table on the patio. The bartender came out right away and I asked him for a couple of waters with no ice for the dogs in the truck – his reply made my day – WELL GRAB YOUR DOGS AND BRING THEM ON THE PATIO I’LL FILL A DOG BOWL FOR THEM – yes I found a place in Minnesota that lets you have your dogs on the patio with you (they’re rare here) so it was awesome!Carmody 61 tacosWe ordered beer from the local brewery Castle Danger and my boyfriend ordered the Korean BBQ tacos and I the Fish – I believe it was Tilapia – I knew I should have written it down damnit. To say the least the tacos were unreal. The beer equally refreshing. The dogs happy as can be under the picnic table with their water bowl enjoying lunch with us.IMG_1019It was one of the best road side stops we’ve ever made – SO if you find yourself in Two Harbors, MN be sure to stop and try some tacos – that’s not even their specialty though so if you’ve had their other food, do tell!

Happy hiking (eating)!



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