Section hiking: The Superior Hiking Trail

Superior Hiking Trail Duluth K9 Sportsack

Overlooking the St. Louis Bay

My boyfriend, our two dogs and I recently relocated to northern Minnesota, the Duluth area in particular. Living by Lake Superior is honestly pretty cool – weather wise and opinion 😉 Today it was 20 degrees hotter up on the hill of Duluth than it was lake side! Anyways I’m sitting here in my new space created in our extra bedroom, I don’t know what to call it yet but I’m in love and haven’t left since yesterday (if you follow along with me on snapchat you saw before and afters) maybe I’ll do a post on it? Okay so I’ve been a little distant from the computer and I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been up to!

For starters Jax sliced one of his paw pads WIDE open it looks like a knife wound, not sure where it happened but it was somewhere on the trail. So with him down I have time to get things done at our new house like finish unpacking the last box and decorate. Also had to go get him a cone because its everything we can do to keep him from licking his wound. I also have had time to edit pictures and write posts – enjoy!

Superior Hiking Trail walkways

Walkways built by SHTA

The Superior Hiking trail is 326 miles (310 main trail, 16 spur trail) that goes from a remote Minnesota/Wisconsin border just south of Duluth all the way up to Canada along Lake Superior for most of the journey. I have been working on section hiking the SHT, currently trails in the Duluth city limits only. I’ve covered the Kingsbury Creek to Skyline Parkway at Highland Street – 3.2 miles climbing Kingsbury Creek which is FULL of different sized falls the entire way. Because the Spring thaw is happening its moving crazy fast – nothing to let you dog off leash near. Then the Skyline Parkway at Highland Street to Skyline Parkway at North 24th Ave West. This trail is 5.7 miles that continues to climb Kingsbury Creek and cross lots of other cute little creeks with mini falls and cascades and ends climbing up a portion of Keene Creek.


Superior Hiking Trail woods

In the woods on the Superior Hiking Trail

We skipped the next portion of trail that goes past the UMD campus and other road walks in town and went to Canal Park and finished the last half of the Enger Park to Rose Garden section along whats knows as the Lake Walk – a paved trail that starts at Bayfront Beach and takes you around 7 miles to Brighton Beach, however the SHT stops at the Rose Garden.

Superior Hiking Trail Duluth St. Louis Bay

Overlooking the St. Louis Bay on the Superior Hiking Trail

Superior Hiking Trail Lake Superior Lake Walk

Lake Walk along Lake Superior

This really is an amazing trail, I can’t wait to keep traveling along it to see what the north woods of Minnesota really have to offer! I wish I had the time to thru hike the SHT but I just can’t find it. I’ll do a more in depth post on each section later, yeah? Have you thru hiked it? Also working on section hiking it? Hiked one trail? I’d love to hear about it – leave it in the comments below!

Gotta get ready for work – happy hiking!



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