yummy campfire breakfast bowls

You wake up to the sound of the birds, open your tent to the morning dew, fire up the jet boil and get some coffee going and…wait…not oatmeal?!

On a regular day I’m not much of a breakfast eater – yeah yeah most important meal of the day blah blah blah – okay I eat it when I need it. And when I need it I know, like when preparing for a hike.

You can only eat mush and bars for breakfast so many times, you know?

And if I can get at least one good hearty breakfast in while camping I’m going to.

So as long as you have a cooler you’re good to go with a “gourmet” campfire breakfast – (we’re talking regular car camping here not backpacking because the less weight the better, like who wants to lug a cooler around, really?)


Breakfast bowls are where my heart is – one bowl, one pan and done.

What you’ll need:

Eggs (they make that cute little 4 or 6 pack), potatoes, bacon, cheese, olive oil & seasonings of your choice.

You’ll also need a good fire and a cast iron skillet (super heavy not ideal for backpacking)

ready to plate


Get your pan hot, add the potatoes and go about your morning routine because potatoes take forever to cook. Once the potatoes have been turned and are starting to soften up lay the bacon down. When the bacon is cooked add cheese atop your potatoes and crack your eggs! We went with sunny side up because I love a runny yoke. Throw some salt and pepper on your eggs and potatoes, grab your camp bowl, load it up and enjoy your very own yummy campfire breakfast bowl!

…and watch out for that damn gravity when you crack your eggs into the pan…



What do you eat for camp breakfasts? I’d love to know I’m always looking for new stuff to try!

Happy Hiking (eating)!